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Joel Grimes Cr.Photog.
Sponsored by: Canon
Explorer of Light
Sunday: September 11th

I Am An Artist
Without question we are in the greatest age of photography since its introduction.  We have more tools to create today than ever before in the history of mankind. The question is how do we compete in todays marketplace?  Joel starts by redefining the photographic process.  How we perceive ourselves can drastically influence the final outcome of you work.  Joel emphasizes the fact that if you have a passion to create, then you are by definition an Artist.  It is this uniqueness that in the end is our greatest asset as we try and separate ourselves from the masses.

Joel is on a mission, to inspire you to achieving your dream and aspirations.  In doing so, he tackles all sorts of tough question.  Like “What is art”, and “How do we define an Artist”? He looks at the biggest barrier that keeps you from moving forward, your humanity.  Yes, Joel looks at the fact that being human, we are all to some degree weak, fragile and insecure.  He takes you on a ride that can literally transform the way you not only think about yourself, but how you see the world around you. Get ready for what could be the pep talk of a lifetime.

The Dramatic Portrait
In his program “The Dramatic Portrait”, Joel takes a look at the basic guidelines to building a dramatic portrait. He begins by revealing the three building blocks he uses in all of his portraits; building depth, evoking emotion, and revealing character.  To illustrate this Joel takes you through some of his images breaking down each element that have helped make his portraits so successful. Joel wants you to look a the photographic process as more than just a technical process, and emphasizes the value of winning over your audience by tapping into their emotions.  You will take you though some of his images and reveal the why behind his thinking process as he goes through the creative process.

Take The Mystery Out Of Lighting
You have to admit, lighting can be a huge mystery.  And with all the strobe and modifiers  on the market, it doesn’t make it any easier.  So how do we take the mystery out of it all?   Joel breaks down lighting, so that even a third grader can understand.  For starters, he teaches without mathematical formulas, lighting ratios, histograms or the use of a Flash Meter.  What’s left? Well, think about this, a technical instrument can never make a creative decision, this is reserved for the human mind. Yes, it goes back to hour humanity and being an Artist!  The greatest gift we all posses is our intuition.  Can it be that simple? You bet, and after this session you will have the lighting tools and confidence to move on and build images that fit your vision as an artist.

Thriving in the Marketplace
Having the skill set to create amazing images is one thing, but. learning how to market your work is equally or if not altogether, more important.

History has proven that photographers who create the best pictures aren’t always the most successful. This is because the key to creating an income primarily boils down to one thing, marketing. Studies have shown that only 5% of creative artists market effectively. How do we know when we fall into that 5%? When we are out-billing 95% of our competition.

The challenge is how do we get into that 5% category? Well, Joel takes you through a step-by-step explanation of how to do just that. He begins by revealing the two single biggest reasons most of us fail at the marketing process. From topics like keeping up with the trends in the marketplace, who’s not your competition, falling into the trap of procrastination, determining who’s your potential clients, getting your foot in the door, what is the determining factor on who gets hired, determining the value of your services, and much more. This session is a must for those who want to increase their market share and out perform their competition.

Some of his images.