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Jim LaSala M.Photog.MEI.Cr., CPP

“With a Click Of The Shutter”
Saturday Evening: September 10th

Using all our resources, including our hearts to tell our story.

"Street Photography”

• The How’s
• The Do’s
• The Don’t’s
• Telling the whole story
• Street Photography, Photojournalism, Documentary (which one is it)?

Throw natural light into your camera bag.

• Understanding how to use mother nature's lights to give shape and form to our subjects.

Now What?
• The Capture (It’s not all about the histogram), is it?
• The Import (Pick your poison) Adobe Lightroom/Adobe Camera Raw/Capture One

  They all seem to do the pretty much the same thing. But, do they?
• Raw Post Processing

• More post processing in Adobe Photoshop
• Third Party Plugins (Let’s not over do it). Using Layer Masks to (control your wild imagination).
• Painting With Light to enhance and give more dimension to your images.

 Black and White Photography

• The unmistakeable power of B&W can bring your photography to a new level.
• How to Post Process for B&W
• What makes for a good B&W
• Understanding Contrast
• SilverEfex/On1/Topaz (which way do I go)?

•Keynote Presentations
•The Power Of Slideshows (bringing impact to your presentation).

Some of his images.