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Craig Lemere

“Football and Photography: Preparing for Success”
Monday: September 12th

I was a football coach for 15 years. I have taken the principals we used for preparing for football games and have applied them photography.

Being successful in photography is no different than being successful in football. Being successful at both are based on preparation, drills and versatility. Just like football, photography is made up of many different parts working together with a common goal. Your team and your photography is only as good you have prepared it to be and that preparation in merely a matter of organization. 

I will teach you how to use your pre-session consult to game plan your session, as well as set up your sales session. I will teach you how understanding the strengths and weaknesses of lighting patterns, lighting sources, and light modifiers which will allow you to create any type of image you can imagine. I will teach you how to work, pose and put clients at ease at your sessions in order to get the most out of them. I will also teach you my easy editing techniques to produce BADASS IMAGES!

Some of his images.