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  • 20 Aug 2018 12:10 PM | Charleen Larkin (Administrator)

    A bit about me....when I am not behind the camera, I enjoy getting snail mail, eating great local food, tasting what the local breweries are making, going to the beach, hiking, biking, running, and would never pass up a chance to get on a plane to anywhere.  

    I've always been a documenter...at family events, during high school, and even those college parties.  I never expected it would become my career.  I studied politics in college and I thought I would be a lawyer.  Life has a funny way of working out.  I consider myself extremely lucky to spend my weekends with amazing people in beautiful places documenting moments.

    I got started in photography About ten years ago, I went to architecture school—bought a camera and the rest is history.

     I enjoy photographing weddings because they are life changing events and generally people are happy.  I love the in-between moments, and how an everyday love can become an epic lifetime together.  

    I love being with people who love photography, and I really enjoy learning more about other areas of photography since I mainly spend my time on weddings it is fun to go out and just play around with other people and photograph something different.


  • 13 Aug 2018 11:30 AM | Charleen Larkin (Administrator)

    I have always been interested in art.  As a child, my dad would sit with me and teach me how to draw, using pencils and charcoal, understanding and refining lights and shadow. My parents had gotten me a camera in my early teens (a point and shoot) which I used constantly. I drew lots of still life images, but when it came to drawing people, I didn’t have much luck. I decided that there was only room for one Picasso in this world, and picked up the camera. (by this time I had bought my first Nikon)

    When I blew the exposures at a concert I attended, I asked a commercial photographer that I knew what I did wrong, and he invited me to work with him so that I could learn about photography.  I apprenticed with him for almost two years, working daily on lighting and jewelry catalogues, and bartending at night for my income. 

    After a car accident that laid me up for a period of time, I decided to attend the Rhode Island School of Photography.  Upon graduation, I worked for two different photographers and then opened my portrait studio a year later.  I have always had a heart for people and celebrating life, so it was natural for me to photograph weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and family portraits.

    In 1984, I joined PPARI, PPANE and PPA. I started attending NEIPP around that time also. The continued education has been imperative to my success, and the friendships that I have made have been the highlight of these associations.  When my son was little, I was not able to attend NEIPP for a few years. I finally went back in 2010, studying with Ed Pedi, and my world opened up. I realized that I had been trying to go it alone for many years, and I was finally home when I was able to attend again.

    I have been blessed for 33 years in my own business…. making memories for people, photographing their children and watching them grow throughout the years, meeting new people and just having a wonderful time in this profession. I love the fact that every day is different… different people, situations, different slices of life.  And, I am so lucky to have so many clients that are like family to me. 

    As the years go by, and trends come and go, I have struggled with thinking that I had to change to stay relevant.   It has taken me quite a long time, but I realize that I am a classically trained, fine art portrait artist and will always be. I have to be true to myself and embrace what is in my heart. It is what I love, the images are timeless, and I know it is my gift to share with others.


  • 03 Jun 2018 1:19 PM | Raymond Peeples (Administrator)

    Photo of Lisa AnneMy first time at NEIPP was for the CPP prep class. My class had lots of talented photographers and at first, I thought I had made a mistake being there. My instructor made everyone feel welcome and ensured we all knew the material by the end of the week. My classmates, and student in other classes, made me feel welcome. Everyone was friendly. This experience helped me see everyone there was just like me: they too wanted to grow their business and learn new skills. Year after year, I find that any instructor or student is helpful to share their knowledge. Even after classes are over, I feel comfort knowing that any NEIPPer is just a call away if needed. This year was my fourth year attending, and every year I leave feeling inspired to set new goals for growing my business and improving my clients experience. 

    Obtaining my part 107 license earlier this year was one of my goals. After taking Lisa Cuchara's Photoshop class, I was able to incorporate what I learned into my aerial images. Some of my images have been commissioned by local businesses for their marketing materials and websites. Creating aerial panoramas takes lots of practice, maintaining altitude and speed is key to get a seamless stitch. Just for fun, the polar coordinates filter (in photoshop) was applied to the same image.  I am excited to see what will push me into a new skill set next year at NEIPP and to meet happy new faces!

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